Scope of Work

As Consultant:
Job Area: teaM can help management to prepare a detailed work plan for next 5(five) years. This will include development program and crop projection of the garden. Raising nursery for plants required in accordance to all development program – extension, replanting etc will be designed. This will also include plan for expansion/ addition of machinery in factory and irrigation facility and other infrastructure. teaM wants to involve, if invited by management in other cultivation , development and manufacturing procedures.

Management Audit:
Job Area: To check and verify existing records and actual working style of field and factory works.
This will help to identify the reason for variation of different cost comparing with others. These variation can be caused by improper supply chain management and labor deployment or combined. Records can even indicate different between books and actual job done. Stock taking of Tea at factory, Nursery plants, chemicals, fertilizers and POL will be included.

Routine follow up of management practice both in the field and factory and confirm compliance as per policy approved. Deviation will reported with suggestion for correction thereof. This job is designed to be on regular basis for specific period.